Crafting in Different Situations


Crafting through Crisis with a Creativity-in-Case-of-Crisis KitAnn StreckoKoeman enjoys many types of crafts and art making. She spends way too much time in waiting rooms, but is grateful for small size sketch books and mechanical pencils. She says such like challenges end up bringing great works while at the same time she acknowledges that Artists are human and not immune to facing challenges and crisis in their lives that can range from health, financial, family, work and a myriad of other difficulties. Surviving and thriving as an artist takes persistence, perseverance and preparedness.

She explains that with time and having had to haul around a diaper bag filled with everything she needed for her babies, she has also adopted the same idea of having her own activity bag to keep her busy while waiting around for her kids during their own obligations. By having a small project bag to keep her thoughts preoccupied for sure made the time go by faster but also alleviated any stress she was feeling. For example a sewing project and in a small baggie she has a dozen pre- cut fabric circles, and a small sewing kit which consists of some thread and needles. Any waiting time is for sewing up some fabric. She also has a pen and paper in her purse to jot anything down any time and to also sketch in case the waiting time is longer.

When you talk of being creative, sometimes it is the conversations going on around her that give her inspiration for an interesting quote to use in her art journals. She affirms that sketching relieves a tiny bit of stress from mind and body.


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