Using DecoArt Media Line Products on Mixed Media Canvas


Mixed Media Canvas with DecoArt Media LineKathi F. Rerek who is a mixed media artist has been crafting for almost fourteen years and has been lucky to have served on several design teams. After receiving a package containing products from DecoArts’ new Media range she decided to try them out on a flat canvas.  This is what she did: –

  • She started out by applying White Gesso to smooth out a bit of the canvas texture as well as cover up a rejected project.
  • Mixing Primary Cyan, Titanium White, and Paynes Grey Media Fluid Acrylics (MFA) on a palette and sponging them onto the canvas.
  • White Modelling Paste using Media Fluid Acrylics. She scooped out a palette-knife bladeful of the paste and blended a few drops of Primary Yellow MFA into it.
  • Using a palette knife, she again scooped out some White Crackle Paint onto a palette and mixed in a few drops of Pthalo Green-Yellow MFA and Primary Yellow MFA.
  • Adding colours but first Quinacridone Gold MFA was painted and allowed to dry.
  • She scooped some of the paste onto a palette and added Burnt Ochre MFA and Transparent Yellow Oxide MFA to it, then used a palette knife to apply it to the base of the canvas.
  • Pthalo Green-Yellow MFA and Interference Green MFA were combined and spritzed with water to thin it to a wash-like consistency.
  • The last step was to combine Cobalt Turquoise MFA and Cobalt Blue MFA with some water to create a wash, which was brushed over the entire canvas.

Kathi applauds the performance of the products from DecoArt’s Media line and can’t wait to explore them further.


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