Have you tried the Irresistible Pico Embellisher?


Playing with the Irresistible Pico EmbellisherMelanie Statnick published artist/writer enjoys working with new products. However, even with her happy and whimsy style at some point she did not know what to do with an Imagine Craft irresistible Pico embellisher even with its precise tip applicator and the needle that inserts into it. But never the less as foreign as it was she still wanted to try it out.

She is a visual artist and has numerous ways of adding texture into art pieces. With her love of being detailed in her artwork, Pico embellisher tip will just be perfect. With the tip the embellisher has, there is an allowance for control and as one draws up a doodle on a piece of Bristol paper, you can easily make lines and dots thick or thin depending on the pressure of how you squeeze.

According to Melanie, Pico embellisher is irresistible and such an excellent tool for texture and more. With the verity of colours who know what your imagination will create. From her website, http://www.melaniestatnickart.com you can learn a lot and you can also find a lot of her artwork in art galleries and shops. From her private studio, she creates art daily. Creativity is within her blood and it is something she enjoys on a daily basis.


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