Using Drink Tags in Mixed Media


Mixed Media Drink TagsTamara Dinius who is a proud mother of two grown daughters and who she describes as being her support and ground has a special love for mixed media which she says has taken over most aspects of her creative journey.  According to her, she believes mixed media allows for a broad range of styles and anyone can find success in this form of artistic expression.  Through videos, she tries to demonstrate mixed media techniques using bargain bin finds whereby the techniques shown can be used on multiple substrates to create unique gifts for any occasion.

All what you need to have in place is cheap substrate while adding some paints in addition to stamping and stencilling to decorate your altered art. Some of the very simple and readily available materials she will use from the local craft warehouse are Drink tags. Through her daughters and the very awesome husband she is able to embrace her work since the larger part of her family are amazing people in their own right. You will find a lot of her work on her website, Etsyshop and you can also get her on Facebook. Clearly, mixed media art and the way of expression is all exciting. However it takes a lot of creativity to create something worth.


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