Art Journaling with Altered Art


Taking Your Art Journaling Out of a Book with Altered ArtKeri Sallee is a lover of all things creative and believes that everyone has the ability to be creative in some manner. Many people may have heard about art journaling and probably have tons of pin on Pinterest of artist that inspire you and quotes that moved you. However you can chose to take your art journals out of your books and instead make 3-D embodiments of your feelings and thoughts.

Creatively, she tries to describe her story to illustrate the desire to be normal and perfect despite our baggage, our history and our scars. She will use a dress; one which is sparkly, pristine and dazzling white, while the other is dingy, tattered and torn. Every choice of embellishments has some kind of meaning. For example the necklace used is heavy in symbolism of a clock to symbolise everything happens in time, bird cage symbolises need for freedom, roses there are seasons for everything and the word “journey” we are ALL on a journey.

We all still have dreams that we dare to dream, even if it’s only in our own heads. In some ways, we all have scars on our hearts, but through the love of family and friends we can be stitched back together and be free just like a little bird. So what do you do? Take your thoughts, dreams and desires out of your books and put them on display for all to see and to remember that art can be both beautiful and healing.


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