Using Recycled Corrugated Cardboard for Artwork


Courageous Corrugated CardboardKim Kelly is obsessed with crafting and art work and it’s only within her to save of everything and anything she collects. Apparently, she will collect stuff and forget where she kept is. Her current habit is of saving boxes and in as much as she will have a standard use for them like stuffing and sorting stuff, she will also cut them up and use them to pop up parts of a project or to back a page she creates.

Using some recycled cardboard she tells of how she made a wall hanging an idea she got from Gabrielle Pollacco. This is how she says you go about it:

  • Cut flaps from a box into 3 6” x 6” squares, add holes to attach them together and in several places peel some of the paper back to show the corrugated insides.
  • Use gesso with a damask stencil to get some texture. Add colour and embellishments. Soft colours would do well.

Kim Kelly will get very creative with words after her final work. She will pose with words like Deuteronomy 31:6…”Be strong and courageous. The main reason that she loves Mixed Media Art is because one is free to beyond your comfort zone, while using your imagination and exploring an anything that gets set on your mind.  She has taken it upon her obligation to learn and explore new techniques.


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