Mixed Media Art Project with Sprays and Stazon Inkpads


Art Journaling with Imagine Craft Irresistible Sprays & Stazon inkpadsMelanie Statnick has this happy style for her artwork which she creates every day from her private studio. She loves all the juicy colours in all her collections and some of her new colours can now blend well with a palette. The results from them give her a lot of excitement because the colours remain bright juicy and added fantastic texture coverage to her art work.

This is how she says you can create art with irresistible sprays and stazon inkpads:

  • Lay the stencil down on your journal surface and spray approx.12 inch away from the paper. It dries fairly quickly because it is acrylic then wash off your stencil after spraying.
  • Add some stamps using stazon. However it is debated that stazon makes stamps sticky and has a light odour to it but never the less there are other solvent ink that come in some yummy new colours. For images give them just a little something to catch your eye.
  • After adding the irresistible texture spray and the stazon inked stamps, add water colour to the page and while it is still wet gently rub off some excess colour. The results will definitely be something beautiful.

It’s all about creativity that Melanie whose artwork can be found in art galleries and shops extensively in NC and with international private collections describes as the driving force for her.


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