Working on a Painted Paper Collage


Painted Paper CollageWhat Debbie loves most about Mixed Media art is that you don’t have to be an expert at anything to create beautiful art. It is a great way to recycle found objects. Art is also such a wonderful stress reliever. She loves to paint and do collage onto mixed media paper. The trick behind her work is to let go of any apprehensions about messing up a nice canvas or other expensive substrate and this trick allows her to work freely and just have fun.

Depending on the size of the paper, a competed paper collage painting can be cut to make smaller pieces of art and you can as well use the entire piece of art. Some of the materials Debbie will use in her work include pieces from a vintage ephemera music book, dictionary and calendar page.  Deli paper will be added as well. Once papers are collage on the mixed media paper, paint is added and did a bit of stamping with a piece of cardboard that has been brushed some paint onto and pressed onto the paper. Thereafter she will mount the paintings onto wood panels.

You can also opt to buy clearance craft art from your local hobby/home decor store and use as your substrate.  Once you cut your paper close to the size of the substrate, extra paper can be trimmed off after the glue dries.  However PVA glue is the best to use and which you should add to the center of the substrate and brush it out towards the edges. Don’t put too much of glue or too thin. You can then lay your art onto the panel smoothing out any air bubbles.


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