How to Create Mixed Media Hair


Creating Mixed Media Hair TutorialOut of her love for playing with mixed media and techniques Kate Palmer better known as Sparkle Tart brings to you a tutorial on how to create interesting Mixed Media hair with depth and texture.  While most of her work incorporates sparkly media of some sort, which is used on journal pages, canvases, scrapbooks or handmade cards, read below to see how it happens:

Materials and products to use

  • Magicals mixed with Gesso for pastel background, Gel Medium for hair base, water as ink
  • Starburst sprayed over background
  • Magicals mixed with acrylic paint for face
  • Martha Stewart Gesso – white
  • Golden Mediums – Glass Bead Gel and Fiber Paste
  • Stencil Magic Stencil – Floral Accent
  • White pre-gessoed canvas


  • Sketch image onto your canvas
  • Colour the hair using Magicals mixed with Gel Medium to create a base layer. Add denim to darken.
  • Once the base layer is dry, cover hair with texture paste, making sure to create loads of peaks and valleys as these will catch the colour and shimmer of subsequent layers.
  • Once the texture paste is dry, mix Magicals with water to create a sparkly ink and apply over the hair, make sure to be heavy handed and allow the mica to settle into the valleys in the texture paste. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a light layer of Inka Gold to the high points created by the texture paste,
  • Protect the face and apply the bead gel through the stencil onto the hair. Allow each section of bead gel to dry before applying the next.

You will finally get a wonderful glossy appearance with colours from underneath that enhance the sparkle.


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