Do you want to make Dummy Journal Pages?


Journal Pages for DummiesWith a serious focus on sharing her journey to art, Vicki Ross has always been involved deeply in the creative arts from which she has achieved various capabilities. Mixed Media and all the products available for the craft and scrapper market are somewhat familiar to her because she is a child of the 70’s.

However she is learning to meld new products into fine art, and having a bit of fun on the way. The secret is not to give up because most of these things never turn out like you plan, especially when working with strange new products. Even old traditional media don’t behave exactly like you want and plan.  This is how most of my little ideas turn into BIG ones.

The following tutorial highlights to you how to make Journal Pages using very traditional materials.

  • Cut the frames until you get the right size for the book, and laser prints of the images. It must have had a plasticizer coating or something.
  • Add the black frame with the Explore silver lettering at the top.
  • Move on to the texture issue. Sprays don’t show up on black paper. Neither did the stamp inks. Picked up some embossing powder, and the grey powder turned silver with heat! Perfect.
  • Another coat of Matte Medium will do it good.

Finally use black marker to cover some of the wayward silver embossing. Fixative again, another coat of Matte Medium, and there you have the Victory!


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