Getting Creative with A-B-C Blocks to Create Puzzles


Getting Creative with A-B-C Blocks to Create PuzzlesMartice Smith II has stunning illustrations that reveals her love for fashion typography and wildlife- using a combination of analog and digital techniques. She brings along a tutorial for making a beautiful designer block puzzle while using the concept of those little A-B-C blocks you may have played with as a child. Here we go:

  • Gather supplies and any size of blocks will work just well. Other supplies include Stencils, stamps, Spray paints (various colors), face mask and a masking tape.
  • Prepare the wooden block
  • Set up the blocks three wide by three long while working on an even surface
  • Use a stamp to design side 1 so that there are 6 blank surfaces on top again.
  • Spray paint the cardboard cut offs and stencils for the other sides. This is while wearing a face mask
  • Design side 2
  • Design side 3 and 4 with commercial stencils. For side 3, you can use square dance while side 4 you will use Art Nouveau stencil.
  • Design side 5 and 6 with handmade stencils. For side 6, you can use more bold and graphic approach by using the “and” symbol.
  • Reset the blocks and having designed all the sides you can create different looks for your visual pleasure.

It is advisable and important that you keep your imagination fresh which will give you a good challenge to recreate your own, unique combinations.


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