Try Playing out with Different Colors to make Mixed Media Canvases


Mixed Media Canvases with Plaid Folk Art PaintsLearning a few basic techniques the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone according to Michelle G. Brown. Sharing your knowledge and techniques allow you to express your own creativity.  Michelle loves playing with paints because they are relatively cheap materials and they come in lots of wonderful colors and gives her the ability to coordinate all of the elements she need to create many types of mixed media art.

With the nice looks on the colors Michelle tried to make a canvas and the following are the steps you can also use to achieve create results:

  • Lay out the canvas panels
  • Collect a range of ephemera and tear into pieces.
  • Adhere to the canvas panels, leaving some pale edges overlaying the edges
  • Cut off the excess ephemera with a craft knife and use a sanding block to smooth the edges of the canvas
  • Get out your Gesso and an old store card or spatular and roughly apply a layer of Gesso over the dried ephemera layer. Leave to dry.
  • Add a layer of bone coloured acrylic paint, then a little ivory white and then a layer of yellow as a wash.

While the canvas panels are drying, get set up to create some color coordinated papers to add to the canvas panels. This is the advantage of using paints where you can make your entire bits and pieces match. You ought to understand the creativity within you.


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