Have you heard about making Canvas with Copics?


Mixed Media Canvas With CopicsKim Kelley is obsessed about her crafting and art being a lover of mixed media art. The comfort behind this is that you are free to go beyond your comfort zone, using your imagination and exploring an anything goes mind set. Kim loves to learn and explore new techniques and hopes that any art she creates leads someone to find their inner creative artist.

Once of the activities she loves is creating canvas that has not only texture but depth to it as well. Below, she shares how she made a canvas using a digital image and copic markers.  How?

  • Get a 3 3” x 12” canvas and apply some matte gel medium all over, including the sides.
  • Digital images are known not to blow up enough and would not become pixelated. Additionally one that was large enough to expand across the 3 pieces of canvas.
  • Lay out your image across the canvas’ to get the right measurements and cut it.
  • Add the extra layers after the drying process
  • You can choose to have a contrast between the background and the image. You can achieve this by mixing some black acrylic paint, iridescent acrylic paint and matte gel medium together for the same.

Some of the tips you can apply to achieve awesome projects include coloring the back of the each layer you use, color the edges when adding an image and you can use  a pen or stick to curl the petals if you are using flowers.

Happy creating!


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