What do you know About Doodling?


Doodling- More than Mindless DrawingMelanie creates art daily from her private studio with a style that is known to be fun, whimsy and eclectic.Lately she has been doodling in sketch books on legal pads and more. Doodling is regarded as “absentminded drawing” because as you doodle the mind drifts and the pen drifts. As such doodling gets no respect.

While many more companies are being taught how to use the white board more effectively by doodling along with their presentations in meetings providing a visual aid, Artists and non-artists have been writing books on how to doodle in art and how doodling is important in the work place and in schools.Drawing and doodling engages the mind, helps us think and improves concentration. It’s been proven to aid in memory retention whileIt also occupies the mind from drifting into unwanted thoughts at times like meetings and lectures and prevents us from daydreaming.

Studies have shown that people who doodle at times when they are supposed to be paying attention retain 25% more detail than non-doodlers. And if you dint know some of the famous doodlers include John F Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Mark Twain.  Melanie doodles when talking on Skype, watching TV, talking on phone and even when she thinks of writing articles, she doodles.


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