Creating a Packing Tape Postcard


Packing Tape PostcardMartice Smith II has these stunning illustrations that reveal her love for fashion, typography and wildlife- using a combination of analog and digital techniques. Below she illustrates a quick and simple way of creating image transfers made from packing tape. You will eventually end up with a stunning postcard- worthy of being framed!

Gather your supplies as follows:

  • Bone folder
  • Scissors
  • A bowl of water
  • 4×6 inch cardstock paper
  • Magazine pages and paper ephemera

Steps of making a packing Tape post card

  • Prepare the image transfer then cut strips of packing tape to the size of your image.
  • From the center out, use the bone folder to remove any bubbles or creases.
  • Trim around your image and place into bowl of water.
  • Rub away the paper backing with your thumbs. For a clean, crisp image, make sure you do not scratch the surface of the tape while rubbing off the paper.
  • After the tape dries, paper fibers may reappear. If so, re-moisten the paper and gently, rub them off.
  • Discard paper fibers from bowl.

You can now go ahead and create your postcard whereby there are many approaches you can use to create an elegant and modern post card.  Happy creating!


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