Greeting Cards from Recycled Materials


Making Greeting Cards from Recycled Art ScrapsLaura Thykeson has been totally immersed in mixed media art for many years. The excitement was even more when she discovered altered books and art journals about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. While many artists tend to make their own beautiful and original greeting cards for all occasions and from their own creativity, she attempted to write up a tutorials for beginners who have just ventured into this field which she describes as all fun.

Materials Required:

  • Blank watercolor card w/envelope
  • Bits and pieces of our recycled art, old art journal pages, paint splattered pieces of papers, collage material, pretty paper napkins, stamps (optional), any 3d embellishments you choose.
  • Coordinating scraps of “stencil play” pages, scraps of cardstock
  • ATC’s in abstract, colorful and textured designs, or even postcards


  • Chose your blank watercolor card and glue and layer them on the front page of the card to start your colorful background.
  • Once dry, open up your card and spread glue or adhesive all over both sides of the inside pages of the card.
  • Add some cool sayings or words on the inside of the card using your choice of stamps.
  • Trim all around the edges of the card to give it some interest and texture.
  • Cut small strips of abstract, glittery watercolor paper scraps.

This is a really fun and easy way to make a unique and interesting card for any occasion. Use your creativity.


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