Making Handmade Candle Holder


Handmade Candle HolderBesides her love of working with mixed Media, Sandra Parés enjoys creating and getting her hands dirty with paint and gesso. The colors and textures leave her amazed. Using the steps below, she was able to make a candle holder with a magic light that would illuminate her summer nights. Keep reading to see how she did it:

Supplies required:

  • Wire and a candle
  • A stencil
  • White tissue paper
  • A make up brush
  • a star die
  • 8”x10” Gelli Plate
  • Facetten-Lack metallic platin Vica Deco
  • A big shot and a Brayer
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Hair spray

Steps followed:

Use the brayer to put the black paint over the stencil then press the stencil over the gelli plate.

  • Surround your jar glass with a piece of tissue paper which must be large enough. put the tissue paper over the gelli plate to print the texture.
  • Open a few holes in our piece of tissue paper with the Big Shot and the star die
  • Paste with extra heavy gel medium the tissue paper around the glass jar and leave it to dry then paint the holes with Facetten-Lack to give a touch translucent at the glass.
  • Once dried add color and you can paint with the Primary Elements of LuminArte but you will have to spray the entire glass jar with hairspray

The result will be beautiful and shining: a candle holder with a magic light for your most special nights.


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