Encaustic Painting for Beginners Part 1


Basic Encaustic – Part 1 FAQ’s about Encaustic PaintingElaine Brady Smith loves creating acrylic mixed media and encaustic collages. However she would like to help take the mystery out of “getting started” with encaustic painting since she has met a lot of people who are fascinated about the same. There is a lot of information to relay but she would rather start with FAQs about Encaustic Painting:

What does Encaustic mean?

It is a Greek word which means to burn in. this element of heat is necessary for a painting and so to be called encaustic.  Encaustic painting uses numerous techniques to produce a wide range of results.

What is Encaustic Medium?

It is made of beeswax melted with Damar resin with a ration of 5:1 up to 10:1. While is it is less expensive to make your own encaustic medium, ready-made medium is as clean and pure as you can get for clear coverage and bright colors.

What Substrates Can I Paint Encaustic On?

Wax will adhere to a variety of surfaces. The most important thing to remember is that the surface must be absorbent and porous.

What Equipment do I need for Fusing?

A heat gun is more preferable because it can be control the amount of air when fusing layers. It is the best heat source for beginners.

What Equipment do I need for Encaustic Painting?

You will need a palate on which to melt your medium and pigment cakes.

What Other Tools do I need for Encaustic Painting?

You need tools to apply the wax to your surface. Cheap bristle brushes are great for this and can be purchased at the hardware or craft store. Get started in encaustic painting.


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