Use your Own Style to Make an Accordion Book


How to Make an Accordion BookAs a Mixed Media & Collage Artist, Melanie Statnick creates art daily from her private studio. She is said to have fun, whimsy and eclectic style. She advises that creating your own style of journals mini books or according books looks up to your imagination. According to her, Pinterest is full of inspired artists in the present and in the past each with their own style. It can be horizontal or vertical fashion. Here is how to make yours, in a fast and simple way in case you’re making art at the speed of life:

Materials Required

  • Ribbons
  • Water Colors
  • Cardboard (craft) or heavy card stock
  • Gel Medium
  • Watercolor paper 140lbs cold press
  • Stamps and/or other word stickers

Steps to Follow

  • Measure your watercolor paper approx. 11”x4”. Measure your cardboard the same to a bit larger 12 x 5”.
  • Apply gel medium (glue) to the cardboard piece you’ve cut. This is the cover of your book.  Lay your ribbon down onto the glued cardboard, and then lay your painted watercolor paper on top of your ribbon.
  • Fold paper into itself in an accordion fashion.
  • You can stamp or draw anything you want to create one long piece of art.
  • When you are happy with your end result use the ribbon to wrap around your book if you have cut it longer. Tie it up in a bow and use it for a gift or make a shelf full.

Happy Creating!


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