Making your Own Magnetic Chalk Board


Magnetic Chalk BoardGloriann Irizarry loves to sculpt and will never stop creating and she confesses that Art has been a great of being able to express herself. Having been absent minded for some time, she decided to create a piece of art that would help her get a little more organized. She chose to create a Magnetic Chalk Bulletin Board.

Materials used:  

  • Creative Paperclay 16 0z
  • Cookie baking sheet ( I found mine at the dollar Store)
  • Chalkboard Valspar Paint
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Super Strong Magnets
  • Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  • Leaf Cutters

Steps followed:

  • Spray the can of the Chalkboard spray paint all over the back of the baking cookie sheet and let it dry. Two coats of the paint will do.
  • Have a big clay sheet manually to a ¼ in thickness that you will roll and cut to start creating the trunks for the trees that will be covering the frame. Draw and create the wood grain effect for the tree.
  • Give the over lapping trunk effect to give more interest to the piece.
  • Before the completed top wood trunk dry, use the needle tool to pierce the pre drilled holes in the clay and let it dry.
  • Roll a Creative Paper clay sheet to a ¼ in thickness to add a nice grass effect to the lower portion of the board.
  • Paint to your favorite colors and use leaf cutters to stamp away.
  • Let the magnets dry on the magnetic board.
  • Once the paint had dry, it is time to glue some of those leaves we had work on.

ART is so rewarding and seeing your creation take form is an awesome feeling.


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