Start Experimenting in Unknown Artistic Waters


Overcoming my Fear of Mixed MediaAnjuli Johnson’s art career as a scrapbooker has been an evolutionary process ever since.  However she acknowledges that having the courage to break into a new form of art can be tough and she is constantly trying to push through her fears to discover and develop her talents, meet new people, and learn from those around her.  While she loves all things about mixed media including paper, paint, pens, wire, gears, clay etc, the idea of actually trying to do something that does not involve preserving her own memories is extremely intimidating.

With the so many talented people who do amazing things with canvas, books, paint, beads, paper, and an infinite number of other mediums, creating impressive artwork is a daily struggle. For Anjuli she keeps her mixed media dreams in the back of my mind and stick with what she is comfortable with. All artists wrestle with fear in one form or another but the more you create, the more you learn and the less fear becomes an obstacle.

All her through her art career, she kept wondering “How could I, just an ordinary woman, find a way to create such unique mixed media pieces?”  It was in her to learn the awesome techniques without copying what everyone else created.  Her pieces were unique not just because of her individual style, but because she was using tools and supplies in ways she hadn’t seen anyone else use. It wasn’t until that moment that she realized the infinite possibilities that are available to those who work in mixed media.


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