Getting Creative Inspiration from your Inner Child


Inner Child Journal InspirationMelanie Statnickis a Published Artist and whose style of art is fun, whimsy and eclectic, creates art daily from her private studio. She remembers having spent many summers enjoying the great outdoors as she grew up. As a little girl she played in the yard, climbed the walls across the street and discovered new things while she watched all her favorite TV shows. Summer was so inspiring for her and it is so good for kids because it is the time they are on summer break from school.  Trying to find something to keep the kids happy and busy can be a job in itself.   It can also suck the creative life out of you.  Face it, kids have high energy and they siphon it from you like little gas tanks.

So where do you get your inspiration over the summer vacation? It is from your inner child. But does it really influence your art?  Doodling and painting all the wonderful things made her inner child feel good.  If you are stuck for journaling or painting this is a great prompt to help you get started. Look through old photos of you growing up, where you liked to play, were you liked to play the most, the imagination you had to play house and make forts in trees, the fun friends you made over the summer. Summer vacation can look a lot brighter when you remember how to play like a kid.


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