Did you Know you Can Achieve Creative Art in 10 minutes?


Ten minute art idea-  “Tie dyed” paperTo the delight of her husband, Katja Blum likes to find creative solutions for ugly or broken things around the house. Her latest obsession is making soft stuffies and art dolls – to the delight of her toddler. The technique of paper marbling fascinates her even though it is somewhat time- and labor-intensive. And since she loves surprises, it is possible to apply the color to the water or sizing in a controlled manner, the outcome can still be a happy surprise.

On the other hand “Tie-dyeing”, or rather fold-dyeing, paper is a technique that requires few materials and no preparation. You can do it at your worktable or at the kitchen sink while making tea.  The few materials include:

  • Paper whereby most paper qualities will work.
  • Liquid fabric or silk paints
  • Gloves
  • Bowl of water (or the sink)
  • Wooden dowel and rubber bands (for the rolled technique)
  • Paper clips to hold folded papers together for drying


This is how you do it


  • Fold the paper into various shapes. You can also crumple it up or roll it up on the dowel and fasten it with rubber bands.
  • Put on gloves, protect your work surface from paint spatters and apply random drips of fabric paint to the folded or crumpled paper and into the folds.
  • Once the papers are dry, unfold them carefully and enjoy the colors and patterns you have created.  Of course you can use your tie-dyed papers as backgrounds for mixed-media pieces or as collage material.

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