Making Arts without Over Spending


The Needs of the ArtistTo be creative it is not necessary to buy and own all of the newest and greatest that is advertised. The most important tool is ourselves. We need to believe in our own abilities and then just give it a try. It is not a must for you to have a well designed and furnished top notch studio to be creative but creativity will find you already working.

Ann has had to find many unusual ways to stretch her crafting budget while she admits that she did not get to the point she is at over night. One needs to begin creating humbly. By setting aside small amounts of money over the year and waiting for a few fantastic sales and using coupons enabled her to buy some things within her creative space. She says Working in a crafty environment also enables one to access things usually at a discount. In addition there are also local businesses who gladly will give away what is useless to them but a luscious supply to a crafter. For example, stores often have tons of cardboard boxes and signage that needs to get out.

She advises all artists to keep their eyes and ears open since there are people all around who need to unload items and you can use them. Joining a club where you exchange ideas, learn from each other, trade materials and contribute to a group pot whereby each member has a turn to spend the money on tools or supplies is also a key point.


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