Learn How to Make Mixed Media Mini Books


Making Mixed Media Mini BooksLaura Thykeson discovered altered books and art journals about a year ago and has been hooked ever since.  She says she loves everything about books.  Even though she enjoys working with a 4 x 6” piece of cardstock or recycled watercolor paper art for making the cover, she also has a passion for small details and some of her books have only measured 1” x 1”. Colorful embroidery thread is what she uses to sew the spines but if the book is small enough, she will just staple them together in the fold.

She will embellish the pages in these little books, and often give them to others as little gifts either tucked away into a card or tied to a tag on a present. After embellishing and while using an inexpensive acrylic varnish made by Sargent, and which works just fine she will coat each page with a clear gloss varnish that helps to protect and seal the pages.

Her love for books is clearly complemented by her love of mixed media art. And to keep the pages from sticking together, she will use the trick of dab of Turtle Wax to buff the pages. She is absolutely hooked into making these mini books, or as she calls them the “Teeny Tiny Books”.


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