Going the Zentangle Style with Canvas Pens and Wash


Canvas Pen and Wash, Zentangle StyleJean Mullins is not only a mixed media artist but also a craft teacher, teaching many different mediums, including book making, crochet, patchwork and quilting, ceramics, porcelain doll making, sculpting in clay and mold making.  She has created paintings pen and wash style using both oils and acrylics having started out many years ago. With a lot of knowledge gathered over the years she considers it a pleasure and privilege to share.  If you are interested, this I how she advises that you do it:

  • Draw your design on the canvas using a pencil very lightly. You can always trace a design if you are not a so confident drawer.
  • Using the permanent pen draw over your design, alter the pressure for thicker, thinner or lighter, darker areas.
  • Let it dry for a couple of hours or overnight if possible then spray thoroughly with hair spray or a sealer. Give it 3 coats drying between each one.

Note: Use liner brushes or small rounds for applying the paint with the idea that you are having fun and being creative and in the long run you will be happy with your canvas. Her parting short is that “Any form of meditation is a wonderful stress reliever”.


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