Creating your Own “Stash and Smash”


“Stash and Smash” by Cindy ShepardMichelle Brown says being able to learn a few basic techniques into the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone. On the other hand Cindy Shepard who has created a fun little book called “Stash and Smash encourages us to get out our stash of ephemera and bits and pieces and turn them into a work of art. “Stash and Smash” includes over 120 individual techniques, grouped into 19 categories, with a few step-by-step photos, where needed, and a simple overview for the creative prompts that are self-explanatory.

However with her passion for mixed media art and the fact that she enjoys sharing her knowledge and techniques with other people to allow them express their own creativity, she has created her own stash book with a few sheets of water-colour paper, a few sheets of scrapbooking paper and a pile of ephemera I had lying around.  This comes with the simple understanding that majority of people have an inner need to create. She quotes “It’s time to rescue your memorabilia and present it in a manner that pays due homage to the emotion of the memory”. What more would you ask for with these kind of words from an artist who is so passionate about art?


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