Finding Comfort in Artistic Healing


Artistic Healing Anyone Can DoThere is so much joy in art journaling according to Laura Thykeson who has been totally immersed in mixed media art for many years. She has always loved mixed media art because of the variety and the “no rules” aspect.  Having spent a lot of time in hospital with heart attacks, surgeries etc she confined in SIMPLE, Expressive Art Journaling which would encourage others which would lead them into something clean and pure and healing-Art. It does not matter whether you have the talent instead what you should be looking at is that you have a refuge to go to. She says no words can explain her journals so she let colors and the shapes do the talking.  Healing art is a simple concept that has helped Laura save her life, yet so many shy away from it because they “don’t have the supplies. The supplies are readily available so take the time to decorate, paint, collage or otherwise embellish your composition notebook/art journal and give it a name. Don’t spend time worrying about your pain instead spend it playing with vibrant colors, various shapes, blobs and drips and splatters of paints or inks, scribbling with pens and markers, and whatever else you decide to use. Soon you will find your own way, your own path through the pain and insanity that has seemingly taken over everything in your life, and suddenly-YOU are back in control of your life again! Worth a shot, now isn’t it?


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