Making Soft Pastel, Collage and Encaustic


Soft Pastel, Collage and EncausticVicki has always been involved deeply in the creative arts, from professional soft crafts publications (knitting/crochet/needlework) to French Hand-sewing, stenciling to macramé, oil painting to encaustics.  Never the less she is still focused on sharing her journey to art and how life events can shape us through creativity. The following are the materials she uses: –

  • 12″x 9″ Luan panel
  • R&F encaustic gesso
  • Deli Paper (thank you mixed media artists)
  • soft pastels
  • gold leaf
  • encaustic medium
  • Razor Blade
  • Ranger Tacking Iron
  • Heat Gun
  • Prime the panel with two coats of clear medium, fusing each with heat gun. Alternating a Ranger tacking iron, scraping with a razor blade, and fusing with the heat gunmake the surface smooth.
  • Lay a layer of tinted medium (melted with scrapings from the early pieces.
  • Gently heat the prepared panel with the heat gun, align and place the deli paper pastel side down, and burnish it carefully and thoroughly.
  • Carefully remove the deli paper from the panel.
  • Gently warm the surface with the heat gun and carefully position the deli paper with the ghost image pastel side up this time, creating a mirror image.
  • With the heat gun again, warm the paper. The underlying layers of encaustic medium will encapsulate the paper, rendering it almost invisible.
  • Carve a circular halo, add more touches of gold leaf

There you have your image.


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