Painting Wood Blocks


Inspiration Word BlocksMelanie’s style of art is fun, whimsy and eclectic.  She adores working with word and altering objects an art that was pasted down on her by her mother who painted art on everything she could alter. She says each night her mother would spend long hours painting on wood, tin and more. She has drawers full of wood blocks, knobs, balls, and cut images and below she shares what she created with lovers of art:

Materials you shall need include:

  • 4 wood balls with flat edge
  • Acrylic paint
  • 1 Large wood block
  • Gel Medium
  • 1 Small wood block
  • Collage images/words
  • Wood glue.

This is the procedure:

  • Start by painting all four sides of wood blocks, knob and wood balls for the bottom.
  • Stamp, stencil or glue paper to four sides of your square blocks.
  • Once you have all your sides painted the way you like you can begin to glue your collage images down to the sides for your blocks. Leave two sides open for a top and bottom with both blocks.
  • Glue your door knob on top of the smaller block and follow the same direction on your large block.
  • Glue your small block on to the large block and glue your wood balls to the bottom of the large block. Glue your knob on last. Leave plenty of drying time.
  • Embellish your word blocks with your intuition. Use the words you’ve chosen as inspiration to help you complete your blocks.

There you have it!


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