Using Recycled Materials to Create Bird House


Creating your Own Mixed Media BirdhouseIf you are tired of just slapping paint on your birdhouses, take this opportunity to learn from Shari Welch who is passionate about Mixed Media Art and loves helping to bring along creativity into the lives of others.  More often than not, she will reuse and recycle materials in her artwork. The following is what she did to create a decorative birdhouse:

  • Trying out on Washi Tape which worked perfectly well  for the outside
  • Cut out a series of scalloped shapes strips for the roof, a flower for the opening and a banner using burlap paper.
  • Glue them together and use a wooden candle stick and a round disc of wood on which they can be attached to
  • Attach a wire to the roof and to a decouped wooden bird with E600glue
  • Add two types of buttons, small rick rack, shade the flower and the roof line with memento dew drop dye ink pads and markers.  You will definitely get a beautiful piece of art for an indoor bird house

As a result of her passion for artwork, she teaches workshops as well as doing art demos. She lives in Denton Texas where she volunteers for SCRAP Denton.


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