Making Gift Wrappers with Intricate Paper Stencils


IntricatePaperStencilsMartice Smith II who is the creative director of Martice Smith II has established herself as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer after receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Below is her tutorial on how to make a gift wrap while using Intricate Paper Stencils:

  • Put your tools together and if you have used watercolors, water-soluble pencil or any other water-based mediums spray 1-2 light coatings of varnish.  This will result to sealing and prevent bleeding or mixing of colors on your stencils.
  • There’s no need to work on large areas unless your stencils are very large so position your stencils on craft paper.  Do not clutter too much of your stencils
  • Apply spray adhesive and this should be done from outside because of the strong fumes. Each stencil should be sprayed individually with even layers of adhesive
  • Generously apply Mod Podge® directly to the stencils with a large, bristle brush or a foam brush.
  • Let them dry ad trim the excess and a 15 minutes should be good timing to allow drying.
  • Continue adding more of your intricate paper stencils if so far you love what you have already done. Once you are done cut off what you need to wrap a package or you can re-roll the kraft paper.

You are now ready to wrap your gifts and you can start the process all over again.


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