Nature Inspired Mixed Media Art


Learning and discovering new techniques and materials are two activities that Cecilia Sanchez (CeciScrap) loves to do. Besides, her three gorgeous sons inspire her everyday with their crazy ideas. The art journal is a real diary for her, because sometimes she needs to express feelings with colors and shapes. It is from shapes, colors and textures of nature that she also gets her inspiration.  From her early childhood days, Cecilia liked the photography, drawing, collage and make photo albums with cuts and travel souvenirs. Thus she generally loves crafts and it is only a few months after the birth of her twins that she discovered scrapbooking where she began with digital first which was then followed by the traditional scrapbooking. She contributes with some blogs and digital magazines and organized Scrapbooking workshops in Malaga where she lives in Spain.

She started by trying to reproduce the shapes, layers, shadows, though not knowing how it would end and gradually the creative process led her into a final draft.  According to Cecilia sometimes you can see the end result from the beginning while other times you ought to wait for a couple of days to see the results. What she loves most is the 30X30 pages, cards and mini albums. With the fascination she has of the Art Journal, all she can think of now is getting her hands dirty with scrapbooking.


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