Making Intricate Paper Stencils Part 1


Intricate Paper StencilsMartice Smith II is the creative director of Martice Smith II – Illustration & Design Studio and she loves creating her own backgrounds for her art journal pages. However, she can go through stack of papers when learning a new technique but she will not throw them away; instead re – purpose to create something different with them.  She will create intricate, paper stencils using pages from a phone book. Below are the tools and supplies she gathers for her project:

  • Old phone book with torn pages will give you decorative paperwork. Two pages stuck together will give you more stability and strength.
  • Glue and Gesso which will be used to stick the pages together. The foam brush will be good enough to apply the Gesso because it applies on an even coverage.
  • Paint for decoration. You can use acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels- whatever. However keep in mind that the more layers of paint added, the heavier/sturdier the final stencil will become.
  • Fold the paper diagonally and be sure to crease all folds with a bone folder. And because Phone book pages are trim off the excess paper after the folds.
  • Use scissors to cut out the largest area(s).

Eventually, add the finishing touches with distress inks, more paint to accent certain areas, embellish with textured stamps or add some glitter.


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