Seeking Inspirations from Art


Getting Artistic with the Heroes Around All of UsSir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874-1965) described himself as “an English-Speaking Union,” being the son of Lord Randolph Churchill and the American heiress Jennie Jerome. Victoria Warren-Mears who is full time scientist and part time artist working in paper and mixed media is a big fan of Sir Winston Churchill and whom she describes as an orator/leader.

While Victoria is particularly fond of the speeches given by radio to bolster Britain, she wrote a journal page on one of Churchill’s speeches in pencil in her mixed media art journal. Having all the supplies she needed at hand and from her studio she painted the background of the speech a wash of 2/3 part water and 1/3 part lemon yellow acrylic paint and after drying, she began the layering process.

Next it was to mist with Italian Sunset and after allowing it to dry she misted with Alaskan Salmon. After drying it thoroughly she stamped with pink grapefruit and key lime ink.  She also used a plastic doily and inked over it with Pink Grapefruit ink.

Victoria then transferred the photo of a young and old Winston Churchill from a transparency, using hand sanitizer and a rubbing tool and finally used various rub ons and tape to complete the mixed media page.  She still enjoys reading bits and pieces of the speech and has a wonderful series of images of the orator for her inspiration. Her parting shot is that “Great inspirations for art are the heroes and saints among us”.


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