A Late Afternoon Elk Meadow Painting


Late Afternoon in Elk MeadowsThe scenery of Elk Meadows which is a region in the Rocky Mountains is vibrant with fresh and brisk atmosphere. You will come across Cascading waterfalls, rivers and brooks abound with rock formations in many shapes.

Gloria Malouf-Marsh gets creative ideas for painting when she is in nature. She loves listening to nature’s sounds, watching and hearing the birds. She would do various paintings in an effort to experiment on nature. Manipulating the swirls, tucks, turns and working with the gesso in creating texture and shapes is all fun for her.  She developed this when she once sat in a class and as she skimmed through the books, her imagination had ideas of free flowing curves and instead of defining scenery, she wanted to listen to her intuition and carry it out without criticism or judgment.  That is how she was able to choose an area in the Rockies with snow-capped mountains.

She rises early to go for brisk walks, do her yoga practice and she inspired to face the day with inspiration and confidence. She is in the process of developing discipline in creating and making time for herself to daily paint since she wants to hone her skills and techniques in the art medium. She is curious to further her techniques.


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