Are You Hoarding or Collecting


Artistic accumulation involves care whereby one takes the time to store, organize, and even label accumulated materials for future use. This is according to Ann who is a mixed media artist who tries to give a clear cut line between Artistic hoarding disorder and Artistic accumulation a topic she says has brought along a lot of fears.

Ann says Artistic Accumulation involves production and creation, specificity is involved and it also accumulates a lot of materials. On the other hand hoarding refers to the non specific collecting of anything and garbage with no goal in mind. Hoarders are non specific, have no vision and do not accumulate artistic materials. An artist who accumulates a lot of materials is balanced and will spend more time creating rather than collecting. Ann decided to give clearer definitions of these terms having being accused of being a hoarder by her craftier friends and loved ones. As an artist she says her basement is full of things and she says an artist dabbles in many forms of art and crafting and so to her she is well equipped.

She forewarns her future visitors that her studio is big and full with productive and buzzing hive and which has been dominated by one super hard working Queen bee.


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