Making Collages that will Remind of your Family History


Dads-missionAccording to Anjuli Johnson who is a Mixed Media Artist form Raleigh, NC, you should not be afraid to showcase your family history through art.  She advises that you Collect your family’s primary documents, make copies and scans and do something with your family’s memories that will spark interest and ensure that those memories are remembered and cherished, never misplaced or forgotten.

She did want to immortalize that truth and make sure that the memories of her father through letters to his family while he was a young missionary in Mexico in 1974-1975 were not ruined. Seeing his handwriting, the little tidbits he had collected, the replies his parents sent him, pictures, etc. were just like a window to the past. It sounds so tedious, but going through those letters and certificates and seeing the names of actual people, their handwriting, and the tiny portions of their lives was fascinating.  She finally created a collage about his father which was more vintage looking. The nature of the elements she used for it, and the fact that they are 30 years older added to the amazing look.

She says She began her art career as a scrapbooker, and it’s been an evolutionary process ever since. However she is still constantly trying to push through her fears to discover and develop her talents, meet new people, and learn from those around her.


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