Becoming a Self-made Artist like Gaby


Pic-1-gabyandco_CHA_2014_PicThe combination of the illustrations and industrial in Gaby’s work at the Designer Showcase at the Craft & Hobbies Associates Winter Show in 2014 is what drew Michelle into wanting to learn more about Gaby. Gaby who started Gaby&Co in September 2012 is an illustrator, artist and a pattern designer. Having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in graphic design and a minor in photography in 2004, Gaby always enjoyed taking art classes of all mediums while in college and continued to take night art classes after graduation.  Additional classes that Gaby has taken include photography classes, painting, ceramics, jewelry making/soldering, jewelry enameling, DIY design/collage, children’s books illustration among others.

As part of his commitment to post weekly illustrations which have now turned to daily sketches of street objects, Gaby has created her own website It has been fun turning her illustrations into zines, zip pouches and other products and with the help of the husband who helps her prepare she has zest for art and drawing.  The husband helped her silkscreen her illustrations on cotton fabric by using their homemade silk screen station while her mom, who is a wedding dress designer, taught me how to sew zip pouches and helped me sew a few for the show. According to Gaby art is just amazing.


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