Mixed Media Inspirations from ‘The Beauty of Zentangles’ Book


14Apr02_AM_Pic1The Beauty of Zentangles’ is a book that has been authored by Suzanne Mc Neill and Cindy Shepard and published by Design Originals. While on a mission to provide comprehensive overview of possibilities, Suzanne has applied her extensive experience in art and design to taking the commonplace doodle to an art form in its own right. On the other hand Cindy loves experimenting with mixed media, showing that Zentangles can be applied to any surface – ceramics, wood, quilting, birdhouses, even boots. While using her zentangle designs, she has developed her own rubber stamps.

However according to them anyone can do a zentangle, especially after reading their book. It is a book that you can take on any level you want; for Inspiration, instruction, a jumping-off board and many others. Both authors are CZT (Certified Zentangle Teachers).

While the zentangle lends itself to the simplicity and the elegant impact of black and white, you can still color it and any medium: pens, paints, crayons, markers can be used. Zentangle is so inviting and takes the doodle to another level. The book is very comprehensive and is highly recommended as a resource, especially when faced with a daunting blank page. So never run out of ideas for your creative project and by making mistakes, new tangles emerge.


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