Applying Simple Creativity into making Business Cards


DIY-laminated-Pic4Jean Mullins who is passionate about teaching and passing her knowledge on to everyone she can, also loves creating and playing with paint. As such as a result of using the following simple guide she can easily create the back of business cards while using local basic materials.

  • Paint, stencil, and stamp the paper or thin cardboard
  • While your painted paper is drying, create your business card. Type the wording you want on your cards, name address, webpage, what you do etc. Save, and then print them out on the card stock, use a colour that will blend with the paper you have just painted. Cut each card out
  • When the painted paper is dry, use a cut out card as a template on the back of the paper draw around it, this will give you the right size to cut for each card. Cut them out.
  • Using a glue stick, dab a bit of glue on each card as you stick the front to the back
  • It’s now time to laminate. Lay a laminating pouch on a flat surface, open it, then dab the glue stick on each card as you position it on the laminating sheet.
  • When the laminator is ready carefully lift and feed through, cut and separate each of your beautiful, unique business cards while trimming any excess laminate.

Sit back and say wow to your creativity!


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