Finding Inspiration in Mixed Media Art Projects


29Mar_VWM_SeasideShelf-Pic2According to Victoria Warren-Mears who is full time scientist and part time artist working in paper and mixed media, finding inspiration can sometimes be easy and other times can be difficult and especially if you are using mixed media projects . The photos she has for her dad’s family after they migrated hold a special place in her. They represent the seashore and the color turquoise and perhaps Indian Blue acrylic paint from Delta.

A year later she found a row boat shelf on – line and thought it us a perfect base for her project and while using a faux crackle, an outside paint technique and inside “flooring” of the boat, she had her project done. For large crackles that would make it look worn out and aged, she added a thick layer of liquid adhesive. The same was to be done for the inside of the boat. The photo was meant to be her focal image and the image was adhered to the shelf using dimensional mounting tape. She would then add rocks and large shells from beach vacations, items that were adhered with liquid adhesive and definitely are a good use of found memorabilia. Dimensional natural elements would be allowed to dry overnight.

Throughout, Victoria chose to stick with a theme of blues, ivories and light brown. Eventually she was to achieve a photograph which was actually a copy of the original and which was scanned and printed.


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