Putting your Endless Amounts of Vision, Talent, and Techniques into Shared Art


pic1-mar17-LTMar2014-articleLaura Thykeson has been totally immersed in mixed media art for many years. Since her discovery of altered books and art journals she has been hooked ever since. She acknowledges the fact that to create something magical, artists will use their endless amounts of Vision, Talent and Techniques while more often than not the final item which is Desire is always taken for granted.  However she insists that you always have the desire to create. Such is the miracle of art. To any artist, the wonderful, unique designs and abilities would just drift through their imaginations forever and never see the light of day. However they can be shared with others in a physical and tangible form.

People of all ages and walks of life may be hungry for even the simplest form of self expression but don‘t realize it yet and something solid and permanent will remind the world for years. It could be that driving  “desire to create” that may be the main quality we should think about fostering in others when sharing our gifts with others.

Laura says that to kick start any creative activity, you ought to gather some inexpensive items to include as “artistic desire supplies“  and after all the other processes include an artist bio and mission statement, and include your email address, along with an idea of the “real” gift you are hoping to pass on. Then, it won’t be long before the “desire to create“hits them and off they go.


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