Incorporate your Hand-lettering as a Graffiti Style to your Sketchbook


14Mar_MFS_GraffitiSketchbook-Pic1Martice Smith II is the creative director of Martice Smith II– Illustration & Design Studio and her stunning illustrations reveal her love for fashion, typography and wildlife- using a combination of analog and digital techniques. She attributes her work to being a creative artist within the Mixed Media Art website.

She highlights to other art journalers and doodlers how to make eye-catching book cover while incorporating hand-lettering as a graffiti style that’s sure to impress. It is an exercise that will take less than 30Minutes.  She adds that the creative project will urge you to have the courage to experiment with graffiti-styled lettering, inspired by your own personality. Here is your chance.

  • Gather supplies and tools which are likely to be on hand since the project is inexpensive.
  • Cut and fold paper by starting out with the right measurements. It should be double the size you want for the finished sketchbook.
  • Design the cover while thinking about the elements of art and principles of design. Line and rhythm are the most common and basic elements.
  • Sew your sketchbook using a simple Pamphlet Stitch. The sewing should look straight and taut.
  • Varnish the cover which is usually the final stage. Note that every coat of varnish needs to completely dry before applying another coat.

The biggest secret is to Design your cover with patterns, textures, overlapping shapes and complementary colors that help bring the design together in a cohesive way. Add words, phrases, quotes or expressive writing in various areas. Be bold and let your personality shine!



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