Using Mixed Media Art Technique sheet 6 to Create Stencils from Photos


Mixed Media has new a technique of creating stencils from Photos – the technique sheet 6. Here is how you do it:

  • Using a ruler, tear out various text pages which you will then stick onto an art journal and spread then using glue stick. Adding some light blue paint will do some magic
  • Application of the paint on the journal should start from the top and using a credit card. Lifting up the card a little at some point during application of the paint would give a real fading effect.
  • Have a few more layers of light blue ad others of straight white right from the brown section. The white will apparently take away some of the darkness from the brown you had applied earlier.
  • You are done with your project. The advantage of using a credit card to apply paint is that the print dries really quickly so it is easy to add lots of layers in a short amount of time.

Now the finishing point happens to be the most exciting. Create a stencil from a photo and sponge trees on the background with grey paint. Adding some black ink into the grey will do some great work while adding the trees.


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