Looking into Encaustic and Glass Mixed Media Technique


Anjuli Johnson,  who is a Mixed Media Artist and who began her art career as a scrapbooker loves all things that mixed media – paper, glue, paint, canvas, pens, wire and gears can make. She is more or less into encaustic techniques, which she says she stays within their different ranges because she knows she is doing something different that allows her to experiment or do trial and error. Whether it works out or not for her that’s how she learns and develops her artistic talents.

She explores working with encaustics on fabric where she uses brocade as a base because of the beautiful colors, edges and the fact that she can leave the edges frayed or burn them smooth. 2×2 inch squares of glass for inside her encaustic is all she needs while alcohol ink will be used for a stained glass effect.

Working with stitched fabric requires that you paint on both sides unlike wood because of melting of wax used. But for her, she advises that it is better to work until you are almost through then add the wax and the embellishments on one side, and then begin working on the other side. You will need to heat the wax between layers so they fuse together.

One of her most favorite resources of encaustic techniques is the book called “The Encaustic Studio” by Daniella Wolf. Her motto is “don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. They are well worth the risk.”


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