Looking at Creative Photo Frames


Cecilia Sanchez his children as naughty and because they like to play with bottle tops, she has thought of making cheeky photo frames courtesy of Mixed Media Art. She loves craft in general and particularly photography, drawing and making photo albums with cuts and travel souvenirs. Besides his three sons inspire her with crazy ideas and the following is a list of materials she uses for her craft activities:

  • Wooden frames.
  • Bottle Tops
  • Metal Washers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Marbles
  • Glue 

The following are the steps Cecilia uses to make her photo frames:

Step 1.Have your frame ready and in shape

Step 2. Glue the metal elements and cover them with a coat of gesso. A stencil of electronic circuits with gesso gives more texture

Step 3. Fix the Mod Podge and a layer of acrylic paint. You can wipe the excess paint with some baby wipes.

Step 4. Adding a layer of Distress Crackle paint, gives her work a fascinating final touch.

Cecelia has an art journal which is a diary for her and which she uses to express feelings. She has also discovered scrapbooking. Learning and discovering new techniques is her way of life. To crown it all she designer for a monthly blog challenge Sweet Card Club.


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