Explaining How “Art and Food” could be used Side by Side as Artist Themes


According to Mary Beth Shaw Mixed Media artists should always be ready to advance their skills and fearlessly jump into the deep end of the mixed media techniques pool. Mary through her book has been able to bring together talents of 15 of her artistic friends with a strong theme of combining skill and flavors of cooking with those of art, highlighting that “Art and food are two of life’s most sensory pleasures and certainly two of her favorite things”

All the chapters in this book have a combination of Color, Texture, Layers, Flavors and three guest artists and three projects all which you will sink your teeth into. You are also provided with real recipes which add a real element of tying the cookbook and art book together. Besides the colors used, the depth of layers and the texture of the final piece particularly on two projects “Painting without Paint” piece and the “Clayboard book” are all captivating.

The combination of colors on the two projects using artist pastels and chalks was bliss according to Mary Beth though from the very beginning she did not know what she was getting herself into. It was even more charming when the letters were highlighted with a brown marker with additional of highlights with gold acrylic paint on a dry brush. At the end of it all the results were mesmerizing to the eyes.


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