Creating Backgrounds with a Variety of Ranger Alcohol Inks


Melanie Statnick is a Canadian Mixed Media & Collage Artist who creates art daily and with a whimsy, positive and fun style. One of her favorite projects is to create landscapes with Alcohol inks that she used to make Mixed media backgrounds. Acrylic landscapes excite her since the Alcohol inks allow her to have some experimental fun. She gives a list of the supplies you will require to create those backgrounds which include:

  • Alcohol Blending Solution
  • Waterproof ink pad
  • Paper Towel and gloves
  • Small glass bowl.
  • Waterproof ink pad
  • Ranger Alcohol Inks in a variety of colors
  • Alcohol ink cardstock and/or Yupo paper pad
  • Stamps of choice and old toothbrush.

Creating layered inks will help you achieve the look of a landscape. You can choose to use traditional colors and you can also top them up with own creativity. The secret behind this is that ink dry fairly quickly.  Additionally, adding splatters of paint to a painting can make for some interesting texture. Adding more ink will make areas darker. You can also add your favorite stamps to your background. According to Melanie Statnick whose artwork can be found in art galleries and shops extensively in NC it is all fun to explore.


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