Wondering what Came First?


According to Mixed Media Art, being a crafter is something that you should be proud of because from the many arts available today like journaling and scrapbooking, old techniques of doing so are slowly coming back into the market. On the other hand, there is more description of the primitive tools used in the in the early days as highlighted below and which will depict how the artistic industry has grown:

  • The acrylic paint which was used in the late 1930’s is still available today and in this case for many more uses.
  • Permanent ink markers have since replaced the ancient Sumi painting
  • Encaustic which was one of the earliest Greek arts but has apparently become one of the newest darlings on the art scene. This is because it can be used with embellishments, collage, fiber, papers, and textured or glossy surfaces.
  • Oil was carefully prepared in the studios by apprentices. Syringes and pig bladders were considered the early tubes to use then.
  • Tools required that you are creative and anything that would make a mark would literally be used.

So far many artists have found themselves using primitive tools and materials to make their artistic dreams come true. Moreover manufacturers have created design labs which will supposedly take care of the demands for more papers, embellishments, texturing tools, paints, stamps, inks, books, etc.


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